Let’s go see the sights

Donalsonville was hosting an attraction in February 1954. It was the latest in blood and gore that took to the road in the 1950s-60s.

If you were tempted by the bullet-riddled Bonnie and Clyde death car, this was for you:

“MARIE O’DAY’S PALACE CAR will be in Donalsonville Friday and Saturday, Feb. 5th and 6th, under the auspices of the Officers of the Donalsonville Police Department. The exhibition car has on display the body of Marie O’Day, stabbed and killed by her husband and thrown into the Great Salt Lake, where it remained for 12 years. The remarkable thing about the body is that the hair upon it is still growing. As an added attraction, reptiles from the Ross Allen Reptile Institute in Silver Springs, Fla., will be shown. The exhibition will be on display in front of the Woolfolk Avenue Police Station. No admission will be charged. Donations only.”

And in case you missed it in Donalsonville, this soon hit other cities as well.

Source: Donalsonville News – Jan. 29, 1954

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